Professional Cyclists France

Cyclist Country DOB Major Win Website
Anthony RouxFrance18.04.1987Stage win Vuelta a Espana 2009
Cyril BessyFrance29.05.1986Classic Loire-Atlantique 2009
Jérémy RoyFrance22.06.1983Stage win Paris - Nice 2009
Jérôme CoppelFrance06.08.1986Étoile de Bessèges 2012
Jimmy EngoulventFrance07.12.1979Four Days of Dunkirk 2012
Nicolas VogondyFrance08.08.1977National Champion Time Trial 2010
Romain FeilluFrance16.04.1984Stage win Tour de France 2008

Professional Riders

From this page we provide information to the professional cyclists of this world. Rider from the Pro Tour, Professional Continental and Continental riders and also the women cyclists.

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