Cycling Doping Cases

Rider Year Substance / Information Ban from / to
Denis Galimzyanov2012EPO at out-of-competition testProvisionally suspended
Alexandre Dougnier2012Positive for 12 substances after a urine sample3 years
Remy Di Gregorio2011Held custody during 2012 Tour de FranceNo suspension
Oscar Sevilla2011Positive for hydroyethyl starch in 20106 months
Riccardo Ricco2011Blood transfusion12 years
Patrik Sinkewitz2011Positive for hGHSuspended until June 2012
Marco Arriagada2011Positive for anabolic substance at Vuelta de Chile4 years
Rui Costa2010Accidental ingestion of Methylhexanamine5 months
Alberto Contador20100,00000000005 grams of clenbuterol at Tour de France 20102 years
Lorenzo Bernucci2010Possession of prohibited substances5 years
Stefan Schumacher2008Positive for CERA at the 2008 Summer Olympics2 years ending August 2010
Ivan Basso2006Attempted doping2 years until 25.10.2008
Floyd Landis2006Positive for unusually high ratio of testosterone2 years until early 2009
Rolf Aldag1995Admitted in 2007 having used EPO from 1995-1999No suspension
Steven Rooks1989Admitted use of EPO after 1989No suspension
Maarten Ducrot1982Admitted use of doping during careerNo suspension

WADA & UCI doping rules

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), is an independent foundation created through a collective initiative led by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

It was set up to promote, coordinate and monitor the fight against drugs in sport.

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> Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano
> U.S. Anti-Doping Agency
> Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
> UK Anti-Doping
> Doping Authority The Netherlands