Giro d'Italia

The Giro d'Italia, established in 1909, is a professional stage race held annually over three weeks in May in Italy. The overall leader is awarded a pink jersey - the maglia rosa which corresponds with La Gazzetta dello Sport 's pink newsprint.. The race is part of the UCI World Ranking calendar.
Results / Palmares / Past Winners
Year Rider Team Country
2011Michele ScarponiLampre - ISDItaly
2010Ivan BassoLiquigas - DoimoItaly
2009Denis MenchovRabobankRussia
2008Alberto ContadorAstanaSpain
2007Danilo Di LucaLiquigasItaly
2006Ivan BassoTeam CSCItaly
2005Paolo SavoldelliDiscovery ChannelItaly
2004Damiano CunegoSaeco Macchine per CaffèItaly
2003Gilberto SimoniSaeco Macchine per CaffèItaly
2002Paolo SavoldelliIndex–AlexiaItaly
2001Gilberto SimoniLampre - DaikinItaly
2000Stefano GarzelliMercatone Uno - AlbacomItaly
1999Ivan GottiTeam PoltiItaly
1998Marco PantaniMercatone Uno - BianchiItaly
1997Ivan GottiSaecoItaly
1996Pavel TonkovPanaria–VinavilRussia
1995Tony RomingerMapei–GbSwitzerland
1994Evgeni BerzinGewiss - BallanRussia
1993Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain
1992Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain
1991Franco ChioccioliDel Tongo M.G.Italy
1990Gianni BugnoChâteau d'AxItaly
1989Laurent FignonSystème UFrance
1988Andy Hampsten7–Eleven HoonvedUnited States
1987Stephen RocheCarrera Jeans - VagabondIreland
1986Roberto VisentiniCarrera - InoxpranItaly
1985Bernard HinaultLa Vie Claire–LookFrance
1984Francesco MoserGis–Tuc LuItaly
1983Giuseppe SaronniDel Tongo - ColnagoItaly
1982Bernard HinaultRenault - Elf - GitaneFrance
1981Giovanni BattaglinInoxpranItaly
1980Bernard HinaultRenault – GitaneFrance
1979Giuseppe SaronniScic – BottecchiaItaly
1978Johan De MuynckBianchi–FaemaBelgium
1977Michel PollentierFlandria - VeldaBelgium
1976Felice GimondiBianchi - CampagnoloItaly
1975Fausto BertoglioJollyceramicaItaly
1974Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium
1973Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium
1972Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium
1971Gösta PetterssonFerrettiSweden
1970Eddy MerckxFaeminoBelgium
1969Felice GimondiSalvaraniItaly
1968Eddy MerckxFaemaBelgium
1967Felice GimondiSalvaraniItaly
1966Gianni MottaMolteniItaly
1965Vittorio AdorniSalvaraniItaly
1964Jacques AnquetilSt. RaphaelFrance
1963Franco BalmamionCarpanoItaly
1962Franco BalmamionCarpanoItaly
1961Arnaldo PambiancoFidesItaly
1960Jacques AnquetilFynsecFrance
1959Charly GaulEmi–GuerraLuxembourg
1958Ercole BaldiniLegnanoItaly
1957Gastone NenciniChlorodontItaly
1956Charly GaulGuerraLuxembourg
1955Fiorenzo MagniNivea–FuchsItaly
1954Carlo ClericiGuerra – SvizzeraSwitzerland
1953Fausto CoppiBianchi - PirelliItaly
1952Fausto CoppiBianchi - PirelliItaly
1951Fiorenzo MagniGannaItaly
1950Hugo KobletGuerra - SvizzeraSwitzerland
1949Fausto CoppiBianchiItaly
1948Fiorenzo MagniWillier TriestinaItaly
1947Fausto CoppiBianchiItaly
1946Gino BartaliLegnanoItaly
1940Fausto CoppiLegnanoItaly
1939Giovanni ValettiFrejusItaly
1938Giovanni ValettiFrejusItaly
1937Gino BartaliLegnanoItaly
1936Gino BartaliLegnanoItaly
1935Vasco BergamaschiMainoItaly
1934Learco GuerraMaino - ClémentItaly
1933Alfredo BindaLegnanoItaly
1932Antonio PesentiWolsitItaly
1931Francesco CamussoGloriaItaly
1930Luigi MarchisioLegnanoItaly
1929Alfredo BindaLegnanoItaly
1928Alfredo BindaWolsitItaly
1927Alfredo BindaLegnanoItaly
1926Giovanni BruneroLegnanoItaly
1925Alfredo BindaLegnanoItaly
1924Giuseppe EnriciItaly
1923Costante GirardengoMainoItaly
1922Giovanni BruneroLegnanoItaly
1921Giovanni BruneroLegnanoItaly
1920Gaetano BelloniBianchiItaly
1919Costante GirardengoStucchiItaly
1914Alfonso CalzolariStucchiItaly
1913Carlo OrianiMainoItaly
1912Team AtalaTeam AtalaItaly
1911Carlo GalettiBianchiItaly
1910Carlo GalettiAtalaItaly
1909Luigi GannaAtalaItaly

Giro d'Italia details

Date : May
Region : Italy
English name : Giro d'Italia
Discipline : Road
Competition : UCI World Tour
Type : Stage race
First Edition : 1909

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