Tour de France

The Tour de France, established in 1903, is a professional stage race held annually in July in France and always finishes in Paris. The race lasts three weeks and is part of the UCI World Ranking calendar.
Results / Palmares / Past Winners
Year Rider Team Country
2012Bradley WigginsTeam SkyGreat Britain
2011Cadel EvansBMC Racing TeamAustralia
2010Andy SchleckLuxembourg
2009Alberto ContadorAstanaSpain
2008Carlos SastreSpain
2007Alberto ContadorDiscovery ChannelSpain
2006Óscar PereiroSpain
2005Lance ArmstrongUnited States
2004Lance ArmstrongUnited States
2003Lance ArmstrongUS PostalUnited States
2002Lance ArmstrongUS PostalUnited States
2001Lance ArmstrongUS PostalUnited States
2000Lance ArmstrongUS PostalUnited States
1999Lance ArmstrongUS PostalUnited States
1998Marco PantaniMercatone Uno - BianchiItaly
1997Jan UllrichTeam TelekomGermany
1996Bjarne RiisTeam TelekomDenmark
1995Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain
1994Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain
1993Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain
1992Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain
1991Miguel IndurainBanestoSpain
1990Greg LeMondUnited States
1989Greg LeMondUnited States
1988Pedro DelgadoReynoldsSpain
1987Stephen RocheCarrera Jeans - VagabondIreland
1986Greg LeMondUnited States
1985Bernard HinaultLa Vie Claire–LookFrance
1984Laurent FignonFrance
1983Laurent FignonFrance
1982Bernard HinaultRenault - Elf - GitaneFrance
1981Bernard HinaultRenault - Elf - GitaneFrance
1980Joop ZoetemelkTI - RaleighThe Netherlands
1979Bernard HinaultRenault - GitaneFrance
1978Bernard HinaultFrance
1977Bernard ThévenetFrance
1976Lucien Van ImpeBelgium
1975Bernard ThévenetPeugeot - BP - MichelinFrance
1974Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium
1973Luis OcañaSpain
1972Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium
1971Eddy MerckxMolteniBelgium
1970Eddy MerckxFaemino - FaemaBelgium
1969Eddy MerckxFaemaBelgium
1968Jan JanssenThe Netherlands
1967Roger PingeonFrance
1966Lucien AimarFrance
1965Felice GimondiItaly
1964Jacques AnquetilSt. RaphaelFrance
1963Jacques AnquetilSt.Raphael - GitaneFrance
1962Jacques AnquetilSaint - Raphael - HelyettFrance
1961Jacques AnquetilHelyett - Fynsec - HutchinsonFrance
1960Gastone NenciniItaly
1959Federico BahamontesSpain
1958Charly GaulLuxembourg
1957Jacques AnquetilHelyettFrance
1956Roger WalkowiakFrance
1955Louison BobetFrance
1954Louison BobetFrance
1953Louison BobetStella - Wolber - DunlopFrance
1952Fausto CoppiBianchi - PirelliItaly
1951Hugo KobletSwitzerland
1950Ferdinand KüblerSwitzerland
1949Fausto CoppiBianchi - UrsusItaly
1948Gino BartaliLegnanoItaly
1947Jean RobicFrance
1939Sylvère MaesBelgium
1938Gino BartaliLegnanoItaly
1937Roger LapébieMercier - HutchinsonFrance
1936Sylvère MaesBelgium
1935Romain MaesBelgium
1934Antonin MagneFrance
1933Georges SpeicherFrance
1932André LeducqFrance
1931Antonin MagneFrance
1930André LeducqFrance
1929Maurice De WaeleBelgium
1928Nicolas FrantzLuxembourg
1927Nicolas FrantzLuxembourg
1926Lucien BuysseBelgium
1925Ottavio BottecchiaItaly
1924Ottavio BottecchiaItaly
1923Henri PélissierFrance
1922Firmin LambotBelgium
1921Léon ScieurBelgium
1920Philippe ThysBelgium
1919Firmin LambotBelgium
1914Philippe ThysBelgium
1913Philippe ThysBelgium
1912Odile DefrayeBelgium
1911Gustave GarrigouFrance
1910Octave LapizeAlcyonFrance
1909François FaberAlcyon - DunlopLuxembourg
1908Lucien Petit-BretonFrance
1907Lucien Petit-BretonFrance
1906René PottierFrance
1905Louis TrousselierFrance
1904Henri CornetFrance
1903Maurice GarinFrance

Tour de France details

Date : June
Region : France
English name : Tour de France
Discipline : Road
Competition : UCI World Tour
Type : Stage race
First Edition : 1903

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