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Clothing | Vetements
Agu AGU bike gear from The Netherlands. Agu products inlcude cycling pants, shirts, gloves, underwear and socks. The professional cycling team Rabobank wears Agu clothing.
Assos Cycling wear from Switzerland. Assos products include shorts, socks, tights, jerseys and jackets.
BBB BBB bike wear include underwear, jerseys, jackets, shorts, tights, gloves, socks and shoecovers.
Castelli Castelli Italian bike wear include speedsuits, bibshorts and jerseys. The professional cycling team Garmin - Barracuda wears Castelli.
Catlike Catlike has a small range of socks.
Craft Cycling clothing from Sweden. Supplier to the professional cycling team Radioshack - Nissan - Trek. Craft produces some of the best clothing for the cyclist. Thermal clothing, underwear, socks, gloves, shorts, jerseys.
Diadora Diadora has a small range of socks and shoe covers.
Elite A small range of Indoor cycling clothing.
Giordana Cycling gear made in Italy. Jerseys, bibshorts and cycling shorts.
Giro Giro has a small range of cycling gloves and socks.
GORE Bike Wear GORE Bike Wear features Windstopper and Gore-Tex. Functional clothing such as jackets, vests, jerseys, tights, shorts and gloves.
Hincapie Racing apparel from the professional cyclist George Hincapie. Hincapie sportswear is sponsor of the BMC racing team. Hincapie cyling wear includes jerseys, shorts, tights and jackets.
Löffler Premium cycling wear from Austria. Jackets, vests, jerseys, bibs, shorts and shirts.
Nalini Cycling wear from Italy. Professional cycling teams Rabobank, Movistar and Cofidis wear products from Nalini.
ODLO ODLO underwear, tights, shorts, vests and pants. ODLO is worn by the professional cycling team AG2R La Mondiale.
Rapha Rapha cycling clothing and performance roadwear.
Santini Cycling wear made in Italy. Santini makes jerseys, jackets, bib-shorts, tights, gloves, arm warmers and socks. Many professional cycling teams wear Santini, some are Katusha, Vacansoleil - DCM and Androni Giocattoli.
Shimano Shimano not only produces hardware products for cycling but also cycling wear such as shorts, jerseys, jackets and tights.
Sidi Sidi not only produces cycling shoes but also makes jerseys, shorts, jackets, leg and arm warmers, gloves and socks.
Sportful Sportful from Italy. Cycling jerseys, bibshorts, jackets, vests, gloves, socks and shoecovers.
Triple Play Triple Play cycling clothing from Australia.
Ultima Bikewear Bikewear from The Netherlands. Cycling shorts, jerseys, underwear, shorts, shirts, gloves.
Vaude Cycling wear from Germany. Shirts, pants, vests, jackets and trikots.
Vermarc Cycling wear from Belgium. Shorts, bibs, tights, shirts, jackets and underwear. The professional cycling teams Lotto - Belisol and Omega Pharma - Quick Step wear Vermarc cycling clothing.
Adidas Adidas used to have some cycling products but apparently not anymore.
Nike Nike used to have some cycling products but apparently not anymore. In some webshops you can still get the Team Discovery Channel clothing.
Helmets | Casques
Agu Agu has a small range of helmets.
BBB BBB has a medium range of helmets.
Catlike Helmets from Spain. The professional cycling team Movistar wears Catlike helmets.
Giro Who hasn't worn a Giro helmet. Giro has a large collection of bike helmets. Many profession cycling teams such as the Rabobank team and Garmin - Barracuda wear Giro helmets.
MET Helmets made in Italy. A large collection of cycling helmets. The cycling teams Endura Racing and Saur - Sojasun wear Met Helmets.
Rudy Project Rudy Project has a small collection of bicycle helmets.
Selev Selev Helmets are handmade from Italy.
Shoes | Chaussures
Agu Agu has a small range of cycling shoes.
Catlike Catlike has a small range of eyewear products.
Diadora Cadel Evans won the Tour de France 2011 wearing Diadora cycling shoes.
F'iz:ik F'iz:ik has a small range of cycling shoes..
Giro Giro has a large range of cycling shoes.
Shimano Shimano produces cycling shoes for touring and for professional cycling.
Sidi Although there is wide variety of brands for cycling shoes, you will see many cyclists wear Sidi. Sidi specializes in footwear for cycling and motorcycle shoes. Sidi cycling shoes are made in Italy and have a large collection to choose from. Professional cyclists such as Ivan Basso, Oscar Freire and Robert Gesink wear Sidi.
Vaude Cycling shoes from Germany. Vaude has a small collection of cycling shoes.
Vermarc Cycling shoes from Belgium. Vermarc has a medium range of racing and mountainbike shoes.
Vittoria Vittoria cycling shoes from Italy offers a range of racing and mountainbike shoes.
Agu Agu has a small range of glasses.
Assos Swiss eye protection.
BBB BBB glasses are worn by several professional cyclists.
Catlike Catlike has a small range of eyewear products.
Oakley The most popular brand when it comes to eyewear. Many professional cyclists such as Lance Armstrong wear Oakley glasses. The professional cycling teams Sky Pro Cycling and Radioshack - Nissan - Trek wear Oakley.
Rudy Project Rudy Project has a large collection of cycling glasses. Many professional cyclists from Rabobank and Liquigas - Cannondale wear Rudy Project eyewear.
Shimano Shimano also has a collection of eyewear. The professional cycling team Project 1T4I wears Shimano glasses.
Selev Selev makes sunglasses especially for cycling.

Bicycle wear

Not only the choice of your bike gets you the best results, It's also what you wear when you're cycling. Choosing the right outfit can save you a lot of weight and gain you a lot of comfort.

We have got you the best brands when it comes to what you have to get to ensure you make the most out of your bike rides..